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Knock ‘EM out!

Vertigo Creative Products pack a punch!
Since 2002 we have helped our clients
improve their image, impress customers,
increase profit, and intimidate competition!

Great designs inspire trust and loyalty.

Frank Lloyd Wright. Ferdinand Porsche. Coco Chanel. Charles & Ray Eames. Saul Bass.
Could you identify these people if you saw them in a photograph? Don’t feel bad. The designs and brands they created were the real stars. Good designers may be eclipsed by their art, but great designs inspire trust and loyalty to a brand! We may not be in such elevated echelons as Wright and Porsche, but designs by Vertigo Creative have helped many clients build customer loyalty and trust. Let us help make your brand the star it deserves to be!

Expert Design Services

Your brand is an amazing sales rep that never sleeps. Vertigo Creative has the design tools and experience to make your brand unforgettable, whether in print or on the web. It’s an investment you’ll never regret!

Quality Marketing Products

Vertigo Creative is a one-stop shop. Design is the first step, but then we finish the job with top-quality printing, apparel, signage, websites, promo items, marketing materials, business forms, and much more.

We aren’t just a design and printing company…
Vertigo Creative Products are enjoyed in homes around the world!

You look familiar…
You bought one of our awesome products on the internet, right?

Vertigo Creative Products bring happiness to thousands of homes and offices every day. If you’ve ever shopped online for home decor items, posters, wall decals, t-shirts, leather goods, crafting tools, and more, you’ve most likely seen or bought a Vertigo Creative product. We get great reviews from celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, theme parks, government agencies, clubs and restaurants.  You can find our products and designs on sites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, RedBubble, Displate, and others. 

Our Business Services

Graphic Design & Corporate Identity

A word of caution. A tool never produces great work until someone knows how to use it. Anyone can install Photoshop, but do they know how to use it? If so, are they creative and artistic? Know-how and creativity are a start, but then do they also have plenty of experience in printing, photography, illustration, vector, raster, web, video, large format, fabrics, paper stocks, color theory, color spaces, history of design, typography, animation, etc. etc. We own scissors. We have the tools to cut your hair off, but we’re not trained to be barbers. If you need a haircut PLEASE ask someone who’s trained and has plenty of experience with all sorts of hair so you’re not ashamed to go out in public. A great designer knows how to cover all of the bases so he won’t have to do the same work repeatedly, which saves you money, time, and frustration. Low prices can become a loss when inexperience forces you to fork out more money later. Pay the price for quality creative work that matches how you’d like to see your business grow. Vertigo works hard to help you get your money back again and again!

Business Printing & Marketing Materials

When shopping for printed items you can always find unbelievably low prices with the DIY companies online. But what do you get for saving a few dollars? Your clients will always recognize quality in your marketing material. Cheap, muddy printing on flimsy paper stock by novices might cost less money, but it costs you your much more valuable professional image. A flimsy business card or poorly folded brochure feels like a limp handshake to your clients. Heavy, bright stock printed on commercial-grade equipment run by professionals may cost a little more – but it also pays you back – over and over again!

Uniforms & Corporate Apparel

A professional image starts at first sight. Branded, coordinated apparel announces your professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness before you ever get a word out of your mouth. If you want to make an impression in some circles of society, you wear Armani or Gucci. In business, all you have to do is embroider your logo on a crisp button-up or polo. Do it right and do it consistently, and your clients will never question your professionalism.

Signage, Trade Show Products, & Promo Items

Custom printed, fitted table covers. Logo-emblazoned backdrops. Full-color displays. Full-coverage custom printed tents and flags. High-quality promotional items and giveaways. These are the hallmarks of companies like Apple, Nissan, Samsung, ExxonMobil, and Prudential. Emulating how the big boys do things is smart business! Vertigo Creative specializes in making small companies look bigger, and big companies look better. Let us help you make a big name for your small business!

Happy Customers

“Very professional, extremely detailed and provides a quality product. I purchased several things from Vertigo Creative and they never disappoint!

Michael D.

Our order was delivered on time as promised and in perfect condition. The product and experience with Vertigo exceeded my expectations.

Vicki Z.

 Vertigo Creative is the

smartest choice for